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Pallet Racking & Column Protectors

Pallet Racking & Column Protectors

Pallet Rack Column Protection

Pallet Rack guards & Column protectors minimise the force of any fork truck impact by absorbing some of the force to reduce the damage caused to the structure of your racks, floors, building columns, mezzanine floor legs and, of course, forklift trucks, vehicles and their operators.

  • Engineered from semi-flexible and stress-crack resistant plastic
  • Integral vent holes allow it to pop back to original shape after impact
  • Easy to install, economical and simple to replace
  • Waterproof, easy-to-clean with bright safety yellow finish
  • Stackable on frames or columns for protection at greater heights
  • Suits most racking frame upright widths
  • Fits over 80% of standard building column sizes

Racking Upright Protectors

Pallet Racking Upright Protectors are designed to prevent damage to rack uprights from low level forklift truck and pallet impacts. Made of metal / steel these frame guards are cost effective and provide good low level frame protection as they are floor fixed rather than strapped to the uprights. L shaped 2 sided ones are used if you have a bottom beam level within 500mm of the floor and U shape versions are used if there are no low beams as they wrap round the upright to provide maximum pallet rack protection.

  • Painted in high-visibility Orange or Yellow
  • 2-sided L shape and 3-sided wrap round guards available

Building and Mezzanine Column Protection

  • Spring steel buffer supports absorb impact
  • Fully galvanised components
  • Monostrut Rail: Lighter weight system, ideal for minimal impact
  • Warehouse Rail: Suitable for protection against fork truck and vehicle impacts

Rack End Protectors / Barriers

  • No physical contact with racking when installed
  • Polypropylene for flexibility with high impact absorption & deflection properties
  • Minimal maintenance, no rusting, rotting or repainting