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Carton Flow Racking


Carton Flow Rack Systems

Carton live storage racking systems or ‘flow racking’ as they are sometimes called operate on the same principle as pallet live storage racking, but are designed to be used for smaller stock items contained within cartons, boxes or plastic containers, which need to be hand loaded / picked from the racking installation.
The wheels or small rollers are inclined from rear to front to facilitate a slow gravity flow of the loaded cartons towards the front stops on the racking installation.
Often on flow racking systems they also have a second set of rollers/ wheels underneath the loaded stock one to return the box or container to the rear of the rack system installation ready for filling again.
Or they have trolleys / dollies close by on which to load and push the empty cartons back to the bulk storage area for filling again, before being returned into the system.

Pallet and Carton flow rack systems or Live storage installations help to reduce your order picking times and minimise errors, as not only are items presented precisely at the picking face, but effective management of the throughput and stock levels of goods can also be easily maintained.

They are FIFO first-in first-out stock systems as the cartons / containers are loaded from the rear of the racking system and picked or emptied from the front, but are excellent for pick / pack operations.

Where is Carton Flow Racking used?

Most of the carton flow rack systems installations we have carried out have been used in production lines to provide parts and components to the line workers as and when needed without them having to move to far from their work station, but we have also designed and installed them for use in electronic assembly areas, quality control / checking areas and pick / pack areas where they are required to box or crate up so many of each component type to create a "kit of parts" of "gift hampers" etc.
We would love to be able to help you with your requirements so please give us a call.

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