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Construction (Design And Management Regulations)

Anyone undertaking a new project, or a refurbishment project, should be aware that it may be ‘notifiable' under CDM Regulations. These Regulations place specific legal requirements on you to ensure the work is carried out within their guidelines, and that all contractors have demonstrable skills, experience and competence to meet the Regulations' requirements.

ESE can help you to comply with the CDM aspects of your job including, if required, the completion of the necessary audits and paperwork to ensure you are following the regulations.

We have summarised the main requirements below to help you to understand what may be required and what steps you may need to take.


  1. The CDM Regulations were introduced to create approved guidelines and a code of practice in relation to Health and Safety on sites involving almost any form of construction work.
  2. The term ‘Construction' includes the installation of shelving, racking, partitioning systems and mezzanine floors.
  3. The CDM Regulations apply to any project where there are 5 or more construction workers on site at any one time.
  4. The Health and Safety executive is also required to be notified of a project if the construction phase is longer than 30 days.
  5. The client must appoint a Principal Contractor and Planning Supervisor to monitor, control and inspect the project. The supervisor is required to ensure the work is undertaken safely, that detailed records and plans are kept of how the work is to be undertaken, and to prove the competency of the contractors & other people working on the project. The client can be both Principal Contractor and Planning supervisor provided they can prove their competency. On site, there must be proven methods of working & construction, for example:
  • Plant and equipment must be proven to be safe and operators suitably trained and certified in their use.
  • All personnel entering or leaving the site must be recorded.
  • All personnel must wear appropriate personal protection equipment.
  • Regular safety audits must be carried out.
  1. Even if the client delegates the Principal Contractor and Planning Supervisor roles to other parties, the client is still responsible for Health and Safety on the site.

We at ESE have some of the most experienced advisors in the industry and we are always here to help and advise you. If you would like further information regarding the CDM Regulations or a specific project you have in mind, please contact us.

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