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Factory Design Advice

The key to increased productivity is a happy and comfortable workforce; staff morale and motivation can play a large part in achieving this but there are a number of ways ESE can help, such as:

Supplying Anti-Fatigue Matting

  • Insulates feet from cold & vibration and reduces pressure on the feet
  • Helps reduce tiredness
  • Increases performance & productivity
  • Prevents damage to tools, equipment or even the product, if they are accidentally dropped
  • Use anywhere people stand to perform tasks for long periods
  • Between 9 mm and 16 mm thick, with a soft feel to the surface
roller conveyor

Creating Ergonomic Working Areas

  • Large workbenches at optimal heights
  • Plus readily accessible tools & equipment
  • Minimises bending, stretching and awkward movements
  • Leads to increased productivity
  • Reduces risk of injury and resulting loss of work hours
  • Achieved by use of wall panels, tool storage units and cupboards

Minimising Double Handling

  • Increases efficiency by reducing unnecessary tasks
  • Move product automatically between areas
  • Achieved by use of adjustable-height roller and belt conveyors & combination of work positioners, trolleys and pallet trucks

Optimising Manual Handling

  • Increases employee safety and reduces risk of injury
  • Improves efficiency and productivity
  • Achieved by use of considering every role that involves the lifting of anything heavier than 5-10 kg & analysing the handling of items on and off the racking
  • Employing mobile safety steps with a platform to enable workers to reach higher locations
  • Using a hand winch stacker or battery lift stacker to retrieve items from high shelves, if space and the volume of picking permit

Advising on the Optimum Design for your Facility

  • Simplifies workflow from initial goods-in-to-assembly/manufacture-to-goods-out
  • Improves overall process efficiency