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Pallet Live Storage Racking

Pallet Live Storage Racking


Installers of Dynamic Racking Systems

Working on a First-in First-out (FIFO) pallet basis, Live Storage racking is a dynamic racking system designed specifically to provide extremely high density storage in as small a footprint as possible and is ideal for busy loading bays and warehouses who have a lot of different product ranges to load onto vehicles. Installations can be three or four pallets deep or 10-12 pallets deep in each lane / position (or deeper if required) and often five or six pallets high.

Live Storage racking systems use conventional pallet racking frames and beams to form the basic structure of the installation. The frames are installed directly behind each other with around a 1m gap and the beams are downwelded on each run of racking to provide an incline at each pallet level from rear to front when the gravity roller conveyor tracks are fitted. At the front of each pallet face small brake rollers and a stop plate are installed to ensure the second and subsequent pallets do not push the front pallet off the live storage racks.

Pallets are loaded onto dedicated lanes of the inclined gravity rollers from the rear of the racking installation, when a pallet load is taken from the picking face, the next pallet rolls gently into position, with replenishment stock loaded at the opposite / rear (upper) end of the lane.

Stock rotation is therefore virtually automatic with the first pallets in each lane being the first pallet out again whilst ensuring the minimum of forklift truck movements required to handle the flow of goods.

The live storage racking structure is virtually maintenance free with just visual checks for damage caused by forklifts or pallets, but we recommend a planned regular inspection of the dynamic storage part of the system (the roller conveyors and braking systems), especially if the pallets are sometimes of dubious quality as pieces of wood have been known to get stuck in the system causing minor damage to the rollers or brakes. We can also provide an planned inspection and repair service if required.

We have designed and installed pallet live storage racking systems or dynamic racking as it is sometimes referred to for many years now, from small 25 lane installations to a massive warehouse facility for a major food and drink manufacturer in the despatch / loading bay areas, to enable product to be loaded by production at the back of the live storage system and the order pickers / loaders to pick from the front and turn round the trailers as quick as possible for the haulage companies as time is money.
We would really appreciate the opportunity to quote you for your dynamic racking system needs today.

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