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What Can I Expect From ESE Projects?

Whether you are experienced or new to the process of ordering a mezzanine floor or office partitioning, knowing what a company's process is can be ever so helpful, so we have put together a quick article to help you along.
Essex mezzanine floor
When a customer first calls us they will have a good idea of the problem they need solving; this may be additional storage requirements or the need to create some extra office space within a warehouse.

When they first call we will take down the initial details and try to answer any immediate questions about what may be required. Once we have everything down, the enquiry will be sent off to one of our technical experts. These technical experts have many years' of experience of our products and can talk you through the options and offer some suggestions on the best fit for your business.

A lot these solutions can be complex and involve a fair amount of explanations, so the next step will be a site visit for our guys can assess the space available and pick up on any other factors that might affect the job.
All going well, a short time after this site visit has been completed, you will receive a quote from us detailing the involved costs either for one solution, or for a range of solutions that might suit your needs.

Next it is over to you…

Retail_Display_CounterAt this point, we hope that our knowledge, efficiency and friendly manner have given you the confidence to give the go-ahead to our team to set a start date and begin work.
This is obviously only a very brief look at how our quoting process goes, it could be that multiple visits are needed or even, if the job is straight forward enough, we are able to quote without the need to meet up. The main thing we strive for is to put you at ease, come up with the best solution for our customers and make the whole process as simple and painless as possible.
If you'd like to put our system to the test, please feel free to give us a ring and talk through how we can help solve your storage and office based needs.