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Office partitioning - what's the difference?


So what is “office partitioning”? Well it is a term which is used to describe a wide range of part height, full height, fixed or movable walls which are used to form rooms or divisions within your office space. It can be a versatile and stylish option and is more cost effective than creating actual rooms.

There is a whole array of options available to you if you are considering investing in office partitioning including glazed and partially glazed, basic solid, vinyl decorated surfaces and many other options so it is worth having a consultation at first to work out what you need practically and aesthetically.

But today we will be looking at the most popular partitions that companies and businesses opt for.

Glass Partitions


These are popular in offices and used in receptions areas, meeting rooms, corridors and even retail and trade showrooms.

These are perfect for areas where natural light is limited in larger offices, as well as making it feel more open plan with added privacy.

It is worth noting however that glass partitions are not ideal if you are after sound reduction, for that we would recommend framed double glazed partitions. However if that is not a main concern for you this is definitely an option to consider as these look fantastic once installed.

Operable Walls


Operable walls are also an extremely popular choice, especially for seminar or meeting rooms or teaching facilities or rooms that need sub-dividing.

If sound reduction/absorption is what you require there is a range of acoustic folding operable wall systems available, with the relevant sound ratings which actually make these better than most solid wall partitions.

If you are looking for something which will offer room division your best option would be to choose multi-fold or folding concertina wall systems. Both fold away to offer a large working space, or can be drawn across for a meeting or private training session.

Washroom Cubicles

Washroom cubicle systems are designed to offer a stylish and cost effective solution. Designed for a quick and easy installation and most come with the relevant fixings needed for immediate on-site fitting, so no waiting around for days or weeks!

There are many different manufacturers who specialise in the above so it is worth looking around to see what suits your specifications both in a practical and aesthetic manner.