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The Benefits of a Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine Floors offer increased working space


When available floor space in your office or warehouse becomes limited by the size of the building, using mezzanine floors can allow you to increase floor space and storage capacity by using some of the wasted air space.
Mezzanine floors are essentially raised platforms, so by having one installed in the workplace you can add one, two or maybe even three extra tiers into the existing space.
The extra tiers then allow for a valuable increase in areas for working or storage, which can increase working productivity and ensure that as much space as possible is being used.

Flexible design:
Due to being independent of the current workspace, not only do mezzanine floors increase working space, but they can be used for many different purposes and relocated/dismantled if needed.
Many mezzanine floors are used as storage platforms, but they can also be used for

  • office space
  • retail space
  • walkways
  • gantries
  • maintenance working areas

So they are not restrictive by nature and can be used depending on individual requirements.
In the past we have also installed a mezzanine floor to enable a business to move offices upstairs and provide extra car parking spaces inside the building.
In addition, mezzanine floors are completely demountable, so if the needs of the business change the mezzanine floor can be dismantled and moved to a new location, without the hassle of building work if changes need to be made.

Mezzanine floors are cost effective


When it comes to office or warehouse expansion, one of the most important factors to consider is the cost of the work. One of the means of increasing your working or storage space is to have extensive building work done on the premises.
However, this can be extremely costly, and should the needs of the business change over time, more building work might then need to be done, reducing the cost effectiveness of the building work.
An alternative solution is for companies to relocate, but the costs of buying/renting new premises and then moving all your equipment can be highly expensive as well.
Using mezzanine flooring is the cost effective method for:

  • Increasing your working/storage space because they can be
    be seamlessly integrated with your existing premises
  • Minimal disruption to the workplace

Most importantly, it will ensure the need for a costly building work or relocation is avoided.

Other advantages of a mezzanine floor

mezzanine floor

Mezzanine floors are lightweight steel structures with excellent capacities for load carrying.
Depending on the use that the mezzanine floor will be put to, it can be designed to accommodate varying loads. Therefore a company or business can always rely on the mezzanine floor to be able to withstand the loads that are placed on it.
Because there are a large range of size, height and loading options available, mezzanine floors are designed to meet individual requirements, which avoids the risk of having work done that may not be 100% suited to your company or business.