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Just_Shelving_2The "Just Shelving" range comes from the same UK factory as Link 51 Stockrax shelving and offers simple, tap together, adjustable shelving with chipboard shelf panels or galvanised shelving with galvanised shelves. We have been approved installers of Just Shelving / Stockrax since it was first launched on the market in 1999 to replace the old fashioned "Handy Angle" type shelving that required nuts and bolts at every junction.
If you have a preference for any other shelving manufacturers range we would be happy to quote on this as well / instead of.
Both Standard Duty and Heavy Duty Just Shelving are extremely quick and easy to assemble, requiring only a rubber mallet, yourself and possibly an associate to help, so if you want to install the shelving yourself we are also happy to quote for supply only.

With its robust quality british made finish these easily adjustable shelving units are at home in any industrial or commercial environment and provide a flexible and very cost-effective solution to your storage needs.

Available as ready to build units each shelving bay is 1,980 mm high and comes complete with 4 uprights, shelves, chipboard and feet. Additional shelf levels are available to provide further versatility allowing systems to be designed to meet your specific needs.

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Just Standard Duty Shelving

  • UK made up to 375kg UDL load per shelf level and 2,000kg per bay
  • Simple, tap together, fully adjustable shelving for quick and economic solutions to your storage problems
  • Maximises storage of archive boxes, bankers boxes, box files, lever arch files, magazine holders and more
  • Standard duty design with shelf widths of 900mm - 1200mm - 1500mm and depths of 300mm - 450mm - 600mm - 900mm
  • Available with Red, Blue or Dark Grey uprights 1981mm or 2438mm high, Light Grey beams and chipboard shelves

Just Heavy Duty Shelving

  • UK made up to 650kg (UDL) per shelf level and 3,000kg per bay
  • Strong and robust adjustable shelving for heavier manufacturing, engineering and production environments
  • Maximises storage of longer and more awkward items by providing a greater 'clear entry' between uprights
  • Heavy duty design shelf widths of 900mm - 1200mm - 1500mm - 1800mm - 2100mm - 2400mm and depths of 450mm - 600mm - 750mm - 900mm
  • Available with Red, Blue or Dark Grey uprights 1981mm high (other heights available), Light Grey beams and chipboard shelves

Just Galvanised Shelving

  • UK made corrosion resistant Galvanised 1981mm high uprights and beams
  • Robust and economical solutions for the harshest of environments
  • Available with chipboard decks or galvanised shelves
  • Standard or Heavy Duty Galvanised Just Shelving system available
  • Shelf widths of 900mm - 1200mm - 1500mm - 1800mm - 2100mm and depths of 300mm - 450mm - 600mm

Just Quick & Easy Shelving Assembly

  • Simple tap-together construction
  • Bolt free - No fiddly nuts and bolts
  • All Bays have 4 uprights and are freestanding
  • Standard Bays assembled within 10 minutes
  • Easy to change layouts and shelves when required

Please contact us for a quotation, we believe you will be pleasantly surprised at how cost effective quality UK manufactured shelving systems can be.

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