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Office Partitioning

Office Partitioning

ESE - Office Partitioning specialist contractors

Having diversified into Office Partitioning around 1983 we can confirm we have more years experience than we care to remember.
Over the years we have designed and installed office partitions from a simple sub-division of a room into two rooms, fitted movable sliding walls in training / seminar rooms to sub divide and maximise hire / rental return, to taking an empty warehouse and converting it into a high quality Head Office with three different types of office partitioning, industrial steel partitions to the manufacturing area, suspended ceilings, fire protection walls, mezzanine floors, storage equipment and almost all of the furniture.
So if you need a bit of help / advice and would like a free no obligation quotation why not get in touch with us now.

What is Office Partitioning?

"Office partitioning" is a very broad term used to describe ranges of part height, full height, fixed or movable walls used to form rooms and divisions within your office environment to create versatile, stylish and functional office spaces.

As well as room dividers, modular and demountable partitioning can also be used to create entirely new rooms in larger open plan spaces whilst enabling flexibility should you ever need to change the wall partitioning layouts.
We have a vast range of office partitioning systems to choose from, including modular aluminium framed partitions with decorated honeycomb plasterboard panel inserts, stud and track with sound insulation to the void and decorated plasterboard panels, frameless glass partitioning bespoke to suit your offices, or folding / sliding wall partitioning.

What Office partition modules are available?

You can choose almost any elevation you need from the basic solid partitions with vinyl decorated surfaces.
Partially glazed partitions which have an element of factory built pre-glazed windows fitted with solid partition above or below - most often glazed from 900mm to doorhead so you can see out from your desk easily - 1200mm to doorhead requiring you to sit up and look out providing a little more privacy - or doorhead to ceiling which is called borrowed light and helps spread daylight into darker corners or corridors.
Framed single or double glazed fully height partitions which can incorporate integral blinds within the window modules for privacy when the need arises, if you wish (also available in the part glazed modules) and most commonly glazed from floor to doorhead, but sometimes full height or even stacked glass units for a unique feature.
Door modules are available with dozens of different veneer finishes, with standard widths such as 762mm - 826mm - 838mm or wider for disabled access, or hospital side panels for use when you need to wheel or move large items about, double doors, or even over panels if you need to move tall items through or just like the aesthetic appearance of doors to full height.
All our wall partitioning is demountable and can provide fire protection and / or sound absorption to varying levels as required.

We also supply and install full height frameless glass partitioning that sits in very small floor and wall channels and has glass doors.

Why choose modular demountable partitioning?

In addition to its smart appearance, the demountable, operable and modular partitioning systems we recommend have many advantages over traditional builders partitioning (timber stud frame or blockwork with plaster and paint decoration) methods:

  1. Cost-effective to buy
  2. Reduced labour cost to build
  3. Rapid on-site build times
  4. Clean, no wet trades required
  5. Modular construction
  6. Very adaptable to future change and growth
  7. Demountable and relocatable to control future costs

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