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Shelving system at Military base

Client Military establishment

Project Shelving solutions

Date 18-05-2007

Racking and shelving installation in aircraft hangars

The brief
Military establishment needed to revise their stock holding capacity to ensure enough provisions & spares are available for delivery within 72 hours anywhere in the world, in the event of a situation arising.

The solution:
The initial design was set by the force's own department. However, upon award of contract, we revised the layout and specification with their full consent and co-operation to ensure all spaces were maximised and costs were tightly controlled.

We installed a combination of shelving systems to two aircraft hangars, some of which extended up to 27 feet tall, with fire sprinkler systems and integrated semi-automatic order pickers. Generally, the racking consisted of two extremely large narrow aisle pallet racking systems, with mesh shelves, anti-collapse protection to the rear, guide rails and steel safety fencing. There were also two steel decked mezzanine floors capable of taking 7.9 kN/m2, under which the lighter duty slotted angle adjustable shelving systems were located and steel single skin partitioning fitted to the perimeters to form secure compounds.

When completed, the two hangars were packed full of equipment and supplies. During the handover ceremony, attended by a number of high-ranking officials, it was acknowledged as the client's largest emergency stores in Europe.