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Mezzanine floor in Essex

Client Essex based leading supplier of high quality melamine food display products

Project Mezzanine floor in Essex office

Date 06-11-2014

We were contacted by a leading supplier of melamine food display products which include gastro, trays and dishes, bowls, platters as well as utensils.

Our client needed storage space for packed pallets that were ready for shipment; space was at a premium for them and they wanted to maximise this as best as they could, as part of this they also wanted to relocate their packing area into their dispatch warehouse.

The dispatch area had pallet racking for storage of the pallets awaiting shipment, there was a limited number of pallet positions available which meant the storage area was full with pallets for long periods of time.

ESE Projects were asked to look at alternate methods of storage for the pallets and after discussion with our customer we agreed the most suitable solution was a mezzanine floor over the current dispatch area.

This meant that the existing pallet racks were to be moved to the area within the warehouse which had previously used as a packing area.

Mezzanine is nominally 10m x 9m

The mezzanine floor has the handrail set back on two edges to form a temporary storage position for pallets due to be dispatched within 24 hours, this reduces the handling time for these pallets and they are clearly visible to all warehouse staff.

The Packing area has now moved to the space created below the new mezzanine floor and pallets ready for dispatch are stored on top of the mezzanine.